Laredo Criminal Defense Attorneys

We Can Help You Fight Against Your Charges

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime in Texas, our Laredo criminal defense lawyers are here to ensure the protection of your rights and freedom.

Whether you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, and regardless of whether your case is being prosecuted at the state or federal level, we have the knowledge and experience to help you fight to get your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

What is a Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney is responsible for defending a person who is charged with a crime. They fulfill many roles throughout complex criminal cases such as investigating and analyzing evidence, as well as speaking on the behalf of their client.

When you work with Gonzalez Druker Law Firm, you can receive the personalized legal attention that you deserve. From day one of handling your case, our legal team can make sure that you understand your rights and legal options. We can also assist you in making informed decisions about how to proceed through every stage of the legal process.

Our legal team can offer strategic counsel you need for all types of criminal charges. Call us today at (956) 728-9191.


No matter how simple or complex your situation may seem to be, it is crucial to have an experienced law firm on your side to help you defend against the accusations that have been made against you. Depending on the nature and severity of the alleged crime, a conviction could mean hefty fines, substantial jail time, driver’s license suspension, and a range of other life-altering consequences. Our legal team can offer the strategic counsel you need for all types of criminal charges.

What Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Do?

Criminal defense attorneys play a vital role in the criminal justice system. They are responsible for providing legal representation to individuals charged with crimes and advocating on their behalf. From investigating and analyzing evidence, to speaking on their client’s behalf, criminal defense lawyers have many responsibilities when it comes to defending those charged with felonies or misdemeanors. With knowledge of Texas state laws and federal regulations, they strive to protect their clients’ rights while ensuring that they receive fair treatment under the law.

If you have been charged with a crime, a Laredo criminal defense attorney can:

  • Analyze and Investigate Evidence: A criminal defense attorney in Laredo can review the evidence collected by law enforcement to identify any errors or inconsistencies that may be used in their client’s favor.
  • Offer Legal Advice: A criminal defense lawyer can provide legal advice to their clients regarding the best course of action for their situation, including whether it is in their best interest to enter a plea bargain or proceed with trial.
  • Negotiate Plea Bargains: In many cases, a criminal defense lawyer will negotiate on behalf of their client with prosecutors to help secure more favorable charges and sentencing through a plea bargain agreement.
  • Represent Clients at Hearings/Trial: The attorney also has the responsibility of representing their client before a judge during hearings and/or trials, presenting arguments in support of dismissing charges or reducing sentences if necessary.
  • Prepare Appellate Documents: If the client is convicted, an experienced criminal defense attorney can assist in filing appeals documents should they believe there was an error made during initial proceedings that resulted in an unfair conviction or sentencing against their client.

How Can Our Laredo Criminal Defense Lawyers Help?

At Gonzalez Druker Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys are backed by years of experience handling crimes on the state and federal levels. We are ready to fight on your behalf and ensure that your rights are protected, but where do we begin? Below are ways that we can help you.


If you have been charged and you decided to contact our firm, an initial consultation will be conducted with one of our seasoned defense attorneys. During the consultation, tell us as much as you can about the charge and the circumstances surrounding it. We will also ask questions so that we understand as much as we can about the case and identify strengths and weaknesses about it and possible defenses. We will be able to tell you how the case can go and what your options are.

Call (956) 728-9191 or complete our contact form to request a consultation. If you choose to work with us, then our defense attorney will take an even deeper dive into your case.


It takes more than a consultation to defend you successfully. We will do a thorough investigation to further strengthen your case or see if there is a possibility that you may be acquitted of the charges. Part of the investigation process may involve collecting evidence, speaking with the police to ensure that the procedures they followed were correct, speaking with witnesses (those with eyewitness accounts as well as experts who may be able to speak more to collected evidence), and more.


If you are charged with a crime, do not hesitate to seek out a defense lawyer from Gonzalez Druker Law Firm, PLLC. The sooner you choose to work with a criminal defense attorney in Laredo, the more time we will have to analyze your evidence. Having the time to carefully study the facts and details thoroughly as well as time to anticipate what the plaintiff may argue or have as evidence will allow us to build an effective argument to defend you.

What Does a Defense Attorney Do During a Trial?

Aside from performing investigations, analyzing evidence, and keeping constant communication with you regarding developments in your case, defense lawyers can provide real insight into how the case is going and what the outcome may be.

Other things a defense attorney does:

  • Assisting with the jury section process
  • Being dynamic and trustworthy, being able to explain complex topics simply to a jury
  • Examining and cross-examining witnesses
  • Negotiating a plea bargain, or securing a favorable deal that results in a reduction of charges or punishment

Reading Books or Online Research Doesn’t Replace a Defense Attorney

Even if your case seems simple or you think you could represent yourself, think again. A court trial is more than knowing the laws that are in your favor. There is an art to making a convincing argument to a jury. At Gonzalez Druker Law Firm, PLLC our defense attorneys have nearly 30 years of collective experience and have the resources needed to help win your case. If you were arrested and accused of a crime in Texas, we can provide the fierce advocacy that you need.

Call Gonzalez Druker Law Firm, PLLC at (956) 728-9191 to set up a consultation.



The most severe types of criminal offenses are categorized as felonies, and as such, receive the harshest penalties. Murder, manslaughter, robbery, arson, stalking, check forgery, and child endangerment are all examples of felonies. In Texas, felonies are classified into five different types, including capital felony, first, second, and third-degree felony, and state jail felony. Depending on the type, a felony is punishable by 180 days to life in prison, or the death penalty, and a fine of up to $10,000.



Most crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the state court. The only cases that the Texas State court is not allowed to hear are lawsuits against the United States and those involving particular federal laws, including bankruptcy, copyright, patent, and some maritime cases. The state court handles both felonies and misdemeanors and deals out punishments in accordance with the state legislature.


The federal court takes on far fewer cases than state courts. Generally, the federal court will only hear cases involving violations of the U.S. Constitution or federal law, cases in which the United States is a party, cases between citizens of different states, and cases about bankruptcy, patent, copyright, and maritime law. Cases that are handled on the federal level require the most aggressive defense, as the federal government has a vast amount of resources at its disposal to prosecute alleged criminals.