Marc A. Gonzalez

Hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, and adaptability are some of the prevalent traits that best describe Marc.

Marc learned the meaning of hard work at an early age working on his family’s cattle ranch. In 2005 Marc graduated from law school and was excited about beginning his legal career as a young prosecutor here in Laredo, Webb County where he was quickly promoted to serve as an Assistant District Attorney in the 49th Judicial District Court working on some of the city’s most high-profile and notorious cases.

Although his time as a prosecutor was very fulfilling, in 2008, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to follow his dream of establishing his own law practice in the community he was raised in. Over the years, he successfully litigated a wide range of criminal and civil cases in federal and state courts all across the country. Marc is the type of lawyer that sees the chest board; he sees five moves ahead and can anticipate what is coming. Rest assured Marc is one of the hardest working attorneys you can have working by your side. In August of 2019, Marc, along with his long-time friend and colleague Uriel Druker, joined forces and merged their well-established law firms into one with a vision to make Gonzalez Druker Law Firm the premiere local “go-to” law firm for people in the community that have been seriously injured or accused of a crime.

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