Laredo Immigration Services

Navigating the immigration process presents numerous challenges and intricacies, often entailing extensive paperwork and hurdles. However, the potential benefits are substantial, encompassing employment opportunities, stability, and the prospect of attaining citizenship in the United States for those who seek it.

Our experienced Laredo immigration attorneys offer invaluable guidance to immigrants and their families, advocating tirelessly for their rights and freedoms. Contact us today to see how we can fight for you.

Lista de servicios migratorios/Immigration services list:

  • Petición de un familiar para obtener residencia en los Estados Unidos/Petition by a family member to obtain residency in the United States
  • Ajustes de residencia/Adjustment of status
  • Petición para la obtención de la naturalización/Petition to obtain naturalization
  • Petición de derivación de ciudadanía y elaboración de certificado/Application for citizenship and issuance of certificate
  • Perdones por inadmisibilidad o presencia ilegal/Application for provisional unlawful presence waiver.
  • Permisos de trabajo/Application for employment authorization
  • Residencia para padres, esposos e hijos de un militar activo/Petition for parents, wife or children of an active-duty member
  • Petición para renovación de tarjeta de residencia/Petition to replace permanent resident card.
  • Peticiones para remover condiciones en residencias temporales/Petition to remove conditions on conditional residence
  • Visas “U” para víctimas de crímenes/Visa “U” for crime victims
  • Petición de su archivo migratorio/Petition for immigration file
  • VAWA (Petición para víctima de violencia domestica)/VAWA (Petition for domestic violence victims)
  • Petición para volver a E.U.A después de una deportación/Application for permission for admission after deportation
  • Renovación de DACA (Acción Diferida para los que arribaron en la infancia)/Application to renew DACA (Consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals)