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Every year, more than one million immigrants arrive in the United States each year. The United States has more immigrants than any other country. Approximately 13.7% of the United States population is comprised of immigrants. 

While being an immigrant may be part of your path to achieving the American dream, it is not without its hurdles. Various federal laws, documents, and procedures may be standing in your way of accomplishing your dreams. Let an experienced Laredo immigration attorney from Gonzalez Druker Law Firm guide you through the process.  

How an Experienced Immigration Lawyer Can Help

You should not attempt to handle your immigration consequences on your own. One incorrect statement or missing form can lead to your application being rejected, delays in your case, or worse outcomes. An experienced immigration lawyer can help with your case by: 

  • Advising you of your options – An experienced immigration lawyer can discuss your objectives, review your situation, and advise you of your options for citizenship or other goals.
  • Speeding up the process – An experienced immigration lawyer is familiar with the various forms and procedures involved in immigration cases, from obtaining a work permit to marrying a foreigner or obtaining permanent resident status. This knowledge can help speed up the process of achieving your objectives. Making mistakes during this process can lead to significant delays, but a knowledgeable lawyer can help avoid them.
  • Filing correct paperwork – Many different forms are required with immigration petitions. You will also need evidence to substantiate your claims. Whether you are trying to continue to remain legally in the United States or want to apply for a visa, an experienced immigration lawyer can identify the forms you need to complete, provide accurate information, and complete the forms correctly to prevent delays or unnecessary denials.
  • Assisting throughout the process – Our immigration lawyers have over 45 years of combined legal experience. We are familiar with various laws and how to best represent our clients throughout the immigration process. Immigration laws are complex, and you will need professional assistance navigating through them. Your lawyer can monitor your case and provide additional assistance as needed.
  • Protecting your rights – Our legal team will also advise you if you are planning to take steps that are contrary to your interests or that put your freedom or immigration status at risk. We can present you with all of your legal options and advise you on the strategies that are most tailored to achieve your objectives. 

Immigration Cases We Handle

At the Gonzalez Druker Law Firm, we handle various types of immigration cases, including:

Petitions by a Family Member to Obtain Residency in the United States

Many immigrants obtain lawful status by having an eligible family member petition for their residency by completing Form I-130. This initial step can help your relative immigrate to the United States and seek permanent resident status. 

Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of status is the process of applying for lawful permanent resident status. You ask the federal government to change your status from visa holder to a permanent resident.

Petitions to Obtain Naturalization

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for U.S. citizenship. We can help you complete the necessary application to obtain naturalization. 

Applications for Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate

We can help you apply for citizenship and issuance of certificates. 

Applications for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver

If you are unlawfully present but otherwise eligible to apply for an immigrant visa, we can help complete an application for a provisional unlawful presence waiver.

Applications for Employment Authorization

Even if you are approved for some form of lawful status, you will need to take an extra step to secure authorization to work. We can help you with the necessary paperwork and process to accomplish this goal. 

Petitions for Parents, Wife, or Children of an Active Duty Member 

Active-duty service members have the right to file I-130 petitions for eligible relatives. We can help your family stay together, even if you are away fighting for our country.

Petitions to Replace Permanent Residence Cards

If you have lost your permanent resident card, obtaining a replacement can be difficult without the assistance of an experienced immigration lawyer. We can guide you through this process. 

Petitions to Remove Conditions on Conditional Residency

If you were granted conditional residence, our team can help you petition to remove these conditions before your residency status expires. 

Application for U Visas for Crime Victims

The nonimmigrant U visa is available for victims of certain crimes, including those who have physical or mental abuse, and who aid law enforcement in prosecuting the criminal responsible for this behavior. We can help you obtain the necessary evidence to establish your eligibility for this visa.

Petitions for Immigration Files

We can petition to receive a copy of your immigration file.

VAWA Applications

The Violence Against Women Act allows certain immigrants who are victims of domestic violence to file without their abusive family member. We can compassionately guide you through this process.  

Applications for Permission for Admission After Deportation

If you were removed and are seeking to reapply for admission into the United States, we can help you complete Form I-212 and the application for permission for admission after deportation. 

Applications to Renew DACA

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program allows certain immigrants who entered the country unlawfully when they were children to remain legally in the United States while they work or attend school. Renewals lengthen your lawful status period. 

For any of these immigration matters, the Gonzalez Druker Law Firm can help.

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