Our friendship started long before we became lawyers. We both grew up in Laredo and have shared many life experiences. Our longstanding friendship is built on a strong foundation of trust, loyalty, and respect. While so many young adults leave Laredo to pursue degrees from institutions of higher learning and do not return, we both saw an opportunity in our vibrant, diverse, and growing community and we were eager to give back! We reconnected when we started our careers serving the community as young prosecutors with the Webb County District Attorney’s Office. We both quickly climbed up the ranks and were entrusted to prosecute some of the city’s most high-profile and notorious cases making headlines during the height of the border drug wars.

I never would have had the opportunity in a bigger city to handle such serious cases so early on in my legal career.” –Uriel Druker

The Next Chapter

Eventually, our entrepreneurial spirits took over and it was time to move on to the next chapter in our careers. We went our separate ways after the District Attorney’s office and opened our independent law offices. Over the years, we both successfully litigated a wide range of criminal and civil cases in federal and state courts. We have handled certified complex federal cases involving organized crime, money laundering, and white-collar crime. We’ve represented people accused of DWI’s, drug offenses, and other violent crimes. Our litigations skills transcended into different areas of the law such as personal injury, commercial litigation, family law, real estate law, and insurance law. Both of our practices thrived, and we were able to successfully litigate cases in diverse areas of the law because as seasoned trial lawyers we possess an essential skill set that we believe separates us from others. We feel at home in the courtroom and can effectively present our case under the tremendous pressure of trial. We also have our fingers on the pulse of the community and know how to connect and talk to our juries because we are part of the same community and our loyalty to Laredo is deep-rooted, just as the foundation we built our Firm on.

Two Attorneys, One Mission

Attorney Marc A. Gonzalez and Uriel Druker

In August of 2019, we joined forces and merged our well-established law firms into one. Our goal is to become the premier local “go-to” law firm for the people in our community that has been seriously injured, accused of a crime, and/or wrongfully denied their benefits by insurance companies acting in bad faith. In our line of work, we routinely take on large corporations, insurance companies, and the Government that has virtually unlimited resources. By combining our resources, unique skill sets, and legal experience of over 28 years we are better positioned to take them on and win! We believe that there is strength in numbers

and our goal is to grow and expand. We are actively recruiting dynamic and talented legal professionals that share our passion for the job, dedication to our clients, and strong work ethic to get the job done.

When we established Gonzalez Druker Law Firm, we wanted to build a team that is dedicated to our clients because our Firm is grounded in the same principles as our friendship: trust, loyalty, and respect” –Marc A. Gonzalez

Attorney Cristina Alva, a Laredo native, has been with our firm since day one. We met Cristina over fifteen years ago when we were young prosecutors and she was a counselor for victims of domestic violence at the District Attorney’s Office. Not only was she dedicated to the victims she counseled, but she was also very involved in all aspects of the legal proceedings. It was no surprise that she later decided to become a lawyer and eventually returned to the District Attorney’s office as a prosecutor. Cristina is a seasoned trial attorney in her own right. She had a seven-year tenure with the District Attorney’s office prosecuting cases from DWI to death penalty capital cases. Cristina has a heart of gold and is passionate about advocating for her clients. If she takes on a case, it’s because she believes in it and will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the client has a successful outcome on their case. We can only hope we continue to attract attorneys to this firm with the same passion, talent, and work ethic Cristina possesses.

Uriel and Marc have opened their practice to me and I am especially thankful to be a part of their team because they encompass everything that is most important to me– dedication, loyalty, hard work, and success” -Cristina Alva.

Prior to our launch, we needed to find the location for our new law firm. It just so happened that we found a diamond in the rough, right in the heart of downtown’s commercial district, across the street from city hall and a stone throws away from the federal and state courthouses; a perfect location! We could not believe the building had been left vacant for so long. We jumped on the opportunity and acquired the building right away. We are excited to be part of the movement for Laredo’s downtown restoration projects and doing our part to revitalize the downtown area and improve our community as a whole.

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