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While all the cases that our lawyers support on a daily basis deal with great damage and suffering, there is no case so tragic as that of wrongful death. Following this worst-case scenario, you will be trying to cope with the emotional trauma of losing a beloved family member, and the idea of attempting to find an attorney, on top of dealing with funeral arrangements, might seem too overwhelming a burden.

However, it is extremely important to have an experienced wrongful death attorneys to immediate begin working the case to ensure that crucial evidence is preserved and obtained.

During this time of emotional crisis, you need one of our empathetic, knowledgeable Laredo wrongful death lawyers in Laredo to take some of the excruciating weight off your shoulders. You should not have to face the threat of overbearing financial costs for a tragedy caused by another’s negligence, ignorance, or insufficient care. Gonzalez Druker Law Firm can step in to take care of everything.

What Counts as Wrongful Death?

In the following weeks after a beloved spouse, child, or parent has died, you will be struggling emotionally in coping with this tragic loss. Add to this trauma the process of figuring out whether their death was truly “wrongful,” and it might seem like your life is a nightmare. However, our lawyers can work with you directly in advising exactly whether your claim will count as a wrongful death or not.

Essentially, if a victim has received a critical injury from someone else’s reckless or ignorant behavior, and if this injury eventually proves to be fatal, the victim’s family is entitled to claim for wrongful death. Remember that the term “wrongful” does not include uncontrolled or coincidental circumstances, but cases where the perpetrator is clearly at fault for destructive or negligent behavior.

Such cases can range from a crash where the driver was under the influence, or a long-term, fatal disease that results from a company’s inadequately tested medication. Whatever the circumstance, our attorneys can help you determine who is clearly at fault, and then begin the process of financial reparations.

Types of Compensation for a Wrongful Death Claim

It is important to realize that in most circumstances, filing a wrongful death claim is not for the damage caused to your loved one, taken much prior to their time. The type of claim which you can file for reparations specifically on your family member’s behalf is called a “survival claim,” which is a separate type of compensation our attorneys can also discuss with you.

A wrongful death claim, however, specifically allows you to be compensated for what you yourself have lost, as the one profoundly affected by the tragic death of your family member.

Just some examples of losses, or “compensatory damages” which you can receive reparations for include:

  • Financial losses – Whether your career has been negatively affected or your earning capacity has decreased, either due to taking time off or supporting your loved one during his or her injury, there are many financial costs that may affect your job or educational path.
  • Funeral coverage and loss of services – You may have also had to pay for additional parental, spousal, or child support services prior to and following your loved one’s passing. And of course, you will have had to contribute to exceeding funeral and burial costs. All of these examples, and more, can be covered reparations.
  • Emotional losses – While this clearly can refer to the mental agony and emotional anguish of losing a family member, you may have also had to undergo extensive therapy or psychological counsel in order to cope with such loss. Such trauma can also be claimed for a wrongful death claim. In addition, any loss of companionship, joy, support, and guidance that have been prematurely stolen from you by your family member’s untimely death can fall under this category.

Ethical, Compassionate Service for Our Clients

When you are facing a case of claiming for wrongful death, it can feel like you have been knocked to the ground by the negligent party’s perpetration on your loved ones, as well as by the uncompassionate policies of insurance law.

This is when you need to call for wrongful death lawyers in Laredo. Our Laredo wrongful death attorneys at Gonzalez Druker Law Firm can support you through this painful process until you are able to stand on both feet again.

Contact us now at (956) 436-5700 for a consultation with one of our compassionate lawyers, determined to fight for you and the legacy of your loved one.

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